About us


Sailors and Brides is originally back on the product ideas of two British sports traps and an Australian entrepreneur, which were on a world goals. In Annapolis on the east coast of America, they met an experienced naval jacket manufacturer.

Short decidedly they created their own ultimate outdoor product. The combination of traditional tailoring and modern functionality came and was initially distributed only in yacht clubs and close friends. In 2011, a Hanseatic garment enthused so much for the product that he decided to pick up the idea and expel this jacket beyond the sailing area, in a greater style for all types of outdoor, Traveling and Urban lifestyle.

Sailors and Brides was born!


History and philosophy

The oceans have always been traveled by sailing ships. Continents were discovered and explored, assets were made and new horizons opened.Schler always and at all times were celebrated as heroes. The elements of defiance clothing always played a big role. In our modern world, things have changed in our modern world; World travel are still exciting, glamorous and adventurous. The key clothing piece, both for men and women, is the jacket. It offers security, stowed our valuables, it warms, protects against the elements and transports the image of your wearer. Sailors and Brides offers today's traveler traveling on ships, in airplanes, trains and cars, the ability to experience the quality of past days, combined with the design of the new time. Selected, proven materials are associated with modern technology. Athleisure is the magic word. Lightweight fabrics, breathable and waterproof processing combined with maximum design embody this spirit. The brand stands for traditional craftsmanship, authentic styles, coupled with innovation and attention to detail, as well as sustainable production.

The story of the sailor and his bride has inspired us to our brand name. Emotion and Pure passion!

A Home Away from Home!